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One Day in the Life of 179212

Lantern Books (2012)
ISBN:  978-1590563458

Jens Soering is a prize-winning author of nine books who has been unjustly imprisoned since 1986. In 2010 to 2012, new DNA-tests, a new witness and a long-lost FBI crime scene profile emerged which support his claim of innocence - but the Commonwealth of Virginia will not let him return to his native country of Germany.
For a recent overview of the case, listen to a five-part series on VA public radio station WVTF or read the transcripts of the five episodes.
A full-length documentary film about Jens' case will be released in late 2015. You can watch the movie trailer here .
On the following pages you will find background information as well as current developments relating to the Soering case. There are detailed explanations, numerous press reports as well as several TV interviews. In additon you can read excerpts from Jens' books and some of his many published articles on criminal justice issues and contemplative spirituality.

If you wish to get in touch with Jens directly, please visit the Contact page.

Buckingham Correctional Center
Current home of Jens Soering

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of Jens' case

New Contributions 
July 28:
McAuliffe creates commission to study bringing parole back to Virginia, Parole
20 years after parole ends, Virginia takes up the issue again, Parole

March 13:
Trailer of "THE PROMISE", TV-Reports
January 9:

Unforgivable: The Governor and the Teenager, Politics
October 23:
Jens is denied parole for the tenth time
October 6:
A Shameful Defense Fails, Politics
October 3:
We Need More Innocence Commissions, Trial
June 24:
Study: 1 in 25 sentenced to death may be innocent, Trial
Appeals court: Change to innocence statute makes little difference, Trial

Sandy Hausman Series, Articles
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